Hedgehog Class News 24.03.2023

What a busy week we have had in Hedgehogs Class! On Tuesday, years 5 and 6 went to the National Space Centre in Leicester and the children had a day packed with fun activities and lots of learning. We started the day with a look around the exhibitions at the Space Centre, which included a life-sized model of the International Space Station. We then enjoyed our planetarium show ‘Travelling through the Solar System’, stopping off at each planet in our solar system to learn a few fun facts about each one. After a quick lunch, our computing skills were put to the test in the Mars Rover workshop where we learnt how rovers are programmed to detect and avoid obstacles on Mars. Everyone had a wonderful day and the children were exceptionally behaved throughout.

Yesterday, during our DT day, we made motor-operated Mars Rovers, linking to our learning in the workshop on Tuesday. In small groups, children measured and cut sections of wood using hacksaws, before using glue guns to complete their frame. Then, our knowledge of circuits was needed to create a circuit with a switch, motor and battery that allowed the Mars rover to move. The motor was attached to a pulley, which then turned the wheels. The children had a wonderful day – they were very patient when waiting for help and persevered when it got very fiddly!