Hedgehog Class News 24.06.2022

Visit to the park
Classifying Sweets
Flo’s Sweet Classification








Another week has flown by in Hedgehog Class and we are now counting down the days until our Summer Production! Each day in our rehearsals, the children come in with such a positive attitude, keen to try their best and support their peers, which has made it such a wonderful experience for all involved.

On Tuesday, we went to the park as a reward for the children’s effort and perseverance with their assessments. A great time was had by all! In English, we have been using drama to help us to write speech that conveys character. The children are working towards writing a sequel to Kensuke’s Kingdom next week. In Science, we are still focussing on classification but, this week, we had a go at creating classification keys that help us to sort sweets. The children enjoyed looking at the similarities and differences in the types of sweets in order to sort them.