Hedgehog Class News 25.11.2022

We have had another wonderful week in Hedgehog Class. In English, the children finished writing and editing their prequels to our class book Once. I have been so proud of the work that every one has created – it was especially hard to choose a ‘Star Writer’ for assembly this week, as they have all been star writers! We have now begun our new topic, which is writing a newspaper report about the boy in Once who runs away from an orphanage. This week, we were transported back in time to 1940, to a Polish orphanage, where we met Mother Minka. We then discovered that a boy had gone missing and we created some missing posters. This was a very exciting start to our new topic and everyone is full of enthusiasm already! In Maths, we have begun our topic on statistics and have been looking at different ways to show discrete and continuous data, including pictograms, bar charts and line graphs. In History, we have been continuing our topic of WW2, now focussing on the Blitz and D-Day. The children have been thinking about how to present their learning using two-page spreads and some of the work that they have produced has been outstanding. In DT, we have begun constructing our ‘White Cliffs of Dover’! Thank you to everyone who brought in cardboard to help with our construction.

In other news this week, I was fortunate to attend the EPA Cross Country event with children from Key Stage 2 on Monday. A huge well done to all the children who took part, despite the wet weather. A special well done to the year 5s who took part – Isla, Poppy, Beau, Jacob B, Henry H, Henry W. They were exceptionally behaved (as always) and did the school proud.