Hedgehog Class News 3.11.23

It has been great welcoming back all of the children and hearing about their half-term break. We started the week with a box adventure, linked to our new class text ‘Sudden Hill’ by Linda Sarah and Benji Davies. We have begun exploring the text and thinking about the different characters, which we will build on over the next few weeks, with the aim of writing our own character descriptions. We had great fun joining together with Y1 to investigate our senses, this was the first lesson of our ‘Animals Including Humans’ unit. The children really enjoyed getting hands on (and ears, noses, eyes and mouths!), with all of the different senses stations. Finally, we found out what our KS1 Nativity parts will be, we were very excited to listen to all of the songs and start reading through our lines. Please look at the online homework grid, as it has all of the links to the songs.