Hedgehog Class News 3.5.24

We have had such a lovely week with our students from Bartholomew school.

On Monday we put our map reading skills to the test, using a map of the school to orientate around the grounds and find certain locations. When we reached the locations, we added on key landmarks including; trees, fences, play equipment, bushes, paths and flower beds.

Over the week, the children have worked VERY hard publishing their online articles and they look incredible. Please ask if you’d like to take a look at your child’s finished piece as I’m sure they’d be very keen to share it with you.

In Science, we learnt how to draw bar graphs to show the time taken for toy cars to travel over different surfaces. I was very proud of how well they did considering it was our first try.

Finally the dance festival. Wow, we had so much fun and danced our socks off!

Enjoy a well deserved rest this weekend Hedgehogs!