Hedgehog Class News 07.10.2022


We have had another very busy week in Hedgehogs Class!

Yesterday, we visited Bletchley Park, which was once the top-secret home of World War 2 Codebreakers. The children learned all about the Enigma machine and how this was used to decipher messages in the war. The children were exceptional representatives of the school, with multiple members of the public mentioning how courteous and respectful they were.

This week, we have also done some baking using recipes from WW2. The children learned all about different foods that were rationed in Britain, before making some carrot cookies. They were pleasantly surprised and have all asked for the recipe to take home. A huge thank you to Jane Watts for organising this.

In English this week, the children completed their final drafts of the narrative writing, which focussed on building tension in Rose Blanche. We are now learning all about non-chronological reports in order to write one about WW2 in the coming weeks.