Hedgehog News 06.05.2022



We have had an eggstraordinary week in Hedgehog Class! On Tuesday, we made our way down to the park to test whether our containers would protect an egg when dropped from a height. Thanks to the children’s hard work on their containers, almost all of the eggs survived the drop. We then thought about the significance of gravity and air resistance when objects are dropped from a height and predicted whether a tennis ball or a soft ball would hit the ground first.

In Geography, we have been learning all about Ordnance Survey Maps, including how to decode symbols and read grid references. The children have really enjoyed working together to understand these maps.

In English, we have been looking at building tension within writing. We have enjoyed creating similes, metaphors and personification for a spooky jungle setting description. This is all in preparation for our hot write next week, which is based on Michael entering the jungle in our class book Kensuke’s Kingdom.