Hedgehogs Class News 27/05/2022

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We have had a very busy week in Hedgehog Class. In Geography, we worked alongside the Owl class to understand how compasses work and how we can use bearings to help navigate. In English, the children have worked incredibly hard on writing their balanced arguments considering whether it is a good idea for a child to travel the world by boat (inspired by Kensuke’s Kingdom). There has been some lively debate in class leading up to this and their passion shines through in their final balanced argument.

As you know, last term our Science topic was led entirely by the children – each group chose their own investigation, before carrying it out and making conclusions. Two groups from the school were chosen to compete in the EPA Big Science Event. On Thursday this week, Martha, Elodie, Evie and Frank presented their findings to a panel of judges. I was incredibly proud of them and I am delighted to announce that the team won the EPA Big Science Event! It has been wonderful to end the term with this glorious news.