Stanton Harcourt C of E Primary School

Curriculum Intent


We are a small school with a big heart, providing a nurturing and reflective community within which children can flourish.


The aim of our curriculum

Throughout their time with us, our curriculum is intended to give our children:

  • an understanding of their place within the UK and the wider world;
  • rich experiences and widened horizons;
  • skills and knowledge which ensure they are well-equipped for the next stages in their lives.


EPA Curriculum Statement

EPA schools have designed a curriculum which aims to:

  • Have high aspirations for all children
  • Encourage reflection, deep thinking and resilience
  • Foster independence and raise self-esteem
  • Value and develop pupils’ sense of belonging and pride in their achievements
  • Develop empathy, collaboration and a sense of community
  • Prepare children to make a positive contribution to modern Britain

Our goal is that children are empowered to grow as individuals academically, spiritually, morally, and culturally aiming to achieve success whatever their strengths. Our broad and balanced curriculum is under-pinned by the National Curriculum but enhanced and adapted with experiences and opportunities including high quality artistic, creative and sporting activities.  Both cross-curricular and discrete approaches are adopted, depending on the nature of learning, and opportunity to allow links between themes and subjects foster a love of learning. Our schools have adopted the locally agreed syllabus for Religious Education to ensure our pupils develop mutual respect for, and tolerance of, those with different faiths and beliefs and those with no faith. The teaching strategies within EPA schools enable the curriculum to be organised for all children to study and learn within a variety of settings and situations. Learning activities are carefully designed to enable all learners to progress well from their own starting points.


Further Information



Individual Class Curriculum Maps

Each of our classes has its own curriculum map, accessible from the respective class page:


Squirrel Class

Badger Class

Owl Class