As a Church of England school, we engage in Collective Worship every day and this also gives us the opportunity to value the lives of our school community fully.

On a Monday, we have two separate sessions, one for our EYFS and KS1 pupils, and one for our KS2 pupils. These are led by our headteacher. These focus on Jesus’ teachings.

On Tuesday, we have Class Collective Worship sessions. Our EYFS session is led by Mrs Billie Tweedy, lay minister for the Lower Windrush Benefice.

On Wednesday,  our Rector, Rev’d Drew Tweedy comes to our school to take the Collective Worship for KS1 and KS2. Once a month we have the service at St Michael’s and welcome parents and carers to this; it often involves children taking part of the service, particularly at times of Christian Festivals.

On Thursday,  we have Class Collective Worship.

And on a Fridaywe have our Celebration of Achievement Collective Worship. We value our children and their achievements all the time, but this allows us to take a little time out for ensuring that the children’s achievements out of school are recognized and valued as well as those in class.  Children are recognised for their academic performance or, equally, something that has brought them to the notice of their teachers, teaching assistants or class members. This could reflect their kindness, resilience or perseverance as much as their ability to divide!