Our link with Uganda began in 2017. We support work with primary-aged children of the Batwa community in rural south west Uganda with the aim of reducing poverty, improving health and giving opportunities for education. The children attend a range of schools in the area. The organisation at work in Uganda is the Christian charity Word and Deed Uganda and we channel our funding through the British charity, Christian Development Uganda (Charity No: 1011451).

Our past fundraising projects have included:

2018 Solar panels for Rwamahano school

2019 School lunches for children at two schools

2020 Home learning packs for KS2 children at two schools during Covid lockdown

2021-22 Playground equipment

2022-23 Provision of shoes


Our Latest Appeal

Following a visit to to our school in July 2023 from our friends at CDU, we have been asked to raise money for materials to support educational interventions. Specifically, we have been asked to raise money for LCD tablets, which the children can use during sessions to help them with English and Maths, and reading books that can be shared with the children in small groups. These resources will make a significant difference to the quality of the small group work that WADU is able to provide. We hope to raise £500 through the year.


Provision of school shoes July 2023

In 2022-23, we raised the fantastic total of £706.50 for our ‘Happy Feet’ campaign to pay for shoes for our link Batwa children. Shoes are needed to prevent the children getting foot parasites (‘jiggers’) which are very painful and damage the feet. Also, the children walk a long way to and from school each day, often on rough paths, so need shoes to help protect their feet. A large proportion of the money was raised by Year 6 running their after-school event, ‘Operation Happy Feet’ where they washed cars, ran stalls and sold refreshments. The Batwa children were presented with their shoes alongside their new uniforms in July 2023. We hope the shoes will make a significant difference to these children’s lives.

Installation of playground equipment update November 2022

As a result of fundraising activities, generous support from FOSHS and match funding from a parent’s place of work, we raised £1,500 to purchase and install some playground equipment. There are no playgrounds in this area of Uganda. In November 2022, the three pieces of equipment were installed at Kinyarushengye Primary School, to great excitement:

A short video of children trying out the swings:


Further Information

If you have any questions about our link with Uganda, please get in touch with Mrs Atherstone.