Hungry Minds, Hungry Bodies – Appeal for help to feed the children in our linked schools

Unfortunately, Rwamahano and Murubindi Schools have also had to close due to the spread of Covid-19. We know that for the children and staff this will be very difficult as they have no access to water easily and their supply of food from school will not be available. Please think of them. They don’t have any means of contacting each other or continuing to learn when in lock-down and visiting markets means a walk of at least 6 miles. Markets will be centres from which the virus will spread so they are not safe places to be. The focus of fund-raising has now changed a little to try to provide the remote communities with soap and some food.

If you would like to gift aid a donation, giving 25% more at no cost to yourself, please email or use this direct link to the donation page:

Many of the pupils are encouraged to come to school by their parents so that they get a meal. Our fund-raising focus has been on providing each child with at least one meal a day. In the morning they could receive Maize Porridge and for lunch they might get Posho and Beans. To do this costs just £23 per day for all the children at both schools. That’s around 15p per child per day.


Maize porridge for Murubindi children


The proceeds from the Harvest collections, Christmas donations, coffee morning in Standlake on 25th January and our Uganda Day have  now exceeded our target and raised over £1300. That will provide food for all the children for 56 days, about eleven school weeks. Currently, the annual cost of feeding the children at both schools is £4000.

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak we have unfortunately had to postpone our next fundraising event, the Barn Dance, but we will set up another date as soon as we can be sure that people will be able to come along.

Thank you so much for all the help you have already given.

We are very happy to be able to tell you that we exceeded last year’s target of £2000 and raised a total of £2148.67 to provide the new building at Rwamahano School with Solar Panels. This will mean that when the sun goes down (which it does every day at 7 pm for twelve hours!) it will be possible for learning to continue and for teachers to plan lessons and extend their teaching possibly to adults who will come after working the fields all day. These panels will provide much needed evening light in school buildings and teachers’ accommodation.  Please click on the pictures below to enlarge them and see more information.



It is difficult for us to imagine spending every evening in darkness. Light is just one of many things children at these schools have to go without.

Some of the children are now boarding at Rwamahano School, so it is even more important that there is light and food for them.

Boarding Batwa girls at Rwamahano in their room revising

The photograph below shows the after school crafts session at Rwamahano – Adult education is also a possibility after the day working in the fields if light is available. As most adults are illiterate, this would be life-changing.


Mrs Tudge and Mrs Insch went to Uganda in May 2018 to be present at the opening of new buildings for Rwamahano School. Click on the link below to see some pictures.

Rwamahano Opening 2018

We also visited the other school supported by the charity AICM, Murubindi School.

The conditions at Murubindi are so basic. Click on this link to see the school:

Murubindi June 2018-folder of pics

At our evening event we showed powerpoints giving more information. We are pleased to say that as a result several of those present donated money to help the appeal below and building a new set of classrooms has begun.

If you would like to know more, please take a look at this link:

Uganda Evening – The work of AICM


If you are considering buying gifts for Christmas or birthdays, please also look at this way of buying something for the people supported by AICM – you can buy a Beehive for £5, 4 pairs of shoes for £16, a month’s school meals for a whole class of children for £35, or a sheep for £32! There are lots of other options. If you’d like a voucher to give to people to show what you’ve bought please ask Mrs Insch in the office for more details.

Alternative Giving 2019


Murubindi Batwa Primary School Building Appeal

Please help give the children at Murubindi the school they deserve. We are pleased to say that four classrooms and a latrine have already been built  – see the photo below which shows the old school and the first of the two new buildings next to it. 

The children are from the Batwa community of Murubindi in south western Uganda, a remote rural location over 8000 feet above sea level and two and a half hours drive from the nearest town. They attend the AICM provided Murubindi Primary School . No other school is available for them as the government primary provision does not extend to remote rural areas.  Its lack of basic facilities has been brought into sharp relief by the recent successful new building at the AICM Batwa primary school at Rwamahano. Friends of AICM now want to provide new latrines for the girls at the school. To do this we need YOUR help.

Estimated total cost for this project is £7,000, and you can see that people have already been very generous.The cost takes into consideration the quality of build we require and the challenge of the location. We cannot let these children down!   PLEASE HELP!

Donating is easy via

Or you can send a cheque made out to FAICM  to The Treasurer, Greenleas,   Orchard Way,Cranbrook, Kent. TN17 3LN    

Please mark envelope “Murubindi Appeal”      Thank You!

The completed two classroom plus small staff room block and 4 stall latrine. First phase--hoping to add second classroom block

Half way there – two new classrooms at Murubindi School

Due to some fantastic giving by our supporters, the FAICM trustees were able to instruct the contractor on the second classroom block during their visit in January 2020 and works are now 80% complete.