Thank you to everyone who came along to our Uganda evening.

As you know, Mrs Tudge and Mrs Insch went to Uganda to be present at the opening of new buildings for Rwamahano School. Click on the link below to see some pictures.

Rwamahano Opening 2018

We also visited the other school supported by the charity AICM, Murubindi School.

The conditions at Murubindi are so basic. Click on this link to see the school:

Murubindi June 2018-folder of pics

At our evening event we showed powerpoints giving more information. We are pleased to say that as a result several of those present donated money to help the appeal below.

If you would like to know more, please take a look at this link:

Uganda Evening – The work of AICM


If you are considering buying gifts for Christmas or birthdays, please also look at this way of buying something for the people supported by AICM – you can buy a Beehive for £5, 4 pairs of shoes for £16, a month’s school meals for a whole class of children for £35, or a sheep for £32! There are lots of other options. If you’d like a voucher to give to people to show what you’ve bought please ask Mrs Insch in the office for more details.

Alternative Gift Catalogue FAICM 2018


Murubindi Batwa Primary School Building Appeal

Please help give the children at Murubindi the school they deserve.

The children are from the Batwa community of Murubindi in south western Uganda, a remote rural location over 8000 feet above sea level and two and a half hours drive from the nearest town. They attend the AICM provided Murubindi Primary School . No other school is available for them as the government primary provision does not extend to remote rural areas. Over 100 children in four classes now attend this school, which only has two very inadequate, dilapidated small class rooms. Its lack of basic facilities has been brought into sharp relief by the recent successful new building at the AICM Batwa primary school at Rwamahano. Friends of AICM want to provide four new class rooms, staff room, head teacher`s office, teacher`s house and new latrines. To do this we need YOUR help.

 Estimated cost for this project is £90,000.The cost takes into consideration the quality of build we require and the challenge of the location. We cannot let these children down!   PLEASE HELP!

Donating is easy via

Or by cheque made out to FAICM sent to The Treasurer, Greenleas,   Orchard Way,Cranbrook, Kent. TN17 3LN    

Please mark envelope “Murubindi Appeal”      Thank You!