The Friends of Stanton Harcourt School

The Friends of Stanton Harcourt School (FOSHS) are members of the school community who organise and run fundraising events.

FOSHS’s fundraising efforts have provided many items for the school, including iPads, laptops and trolleys, playground equipment and an outdoor classroom.

There are many exciting FOSHS events throughout the year: the Christmas fair, the Summer Festival, the Hallowe’en Disco, jumble sales, cake sales, quizzes and non-uniform days, to name just a few. Events are always well supported by the village.

All parents are welcome to attend FOSHS meetings and encouraged to join in helping to engender a sense of community amongst the families whose children attend school.



Current FOSHS Committee


Laura Collins

Second Chair

Sue Thompson


Hannah Smith


Jane Fleet


Janet Didcot

David Wallom

Claire Wright

Hannah Graydon-Foy

Ela Belka

Tami Warriner


Donna Kowalski

Kathyrn Dowell

Gemma Barry

Helena Echlin

Angela Gibbs

Maria Clarke 



Contact FOSHS

If you wish to contact FOSHS you can do through so the Facebook page or by emailing