Owl Class News 01.07.22

Another week has rushed by with a wide variety of activities and learning. In Maths, we made scale models of cardboard packets with a scale factor of 0.25 and then looked at the relationship between the length, area and volume of the actual box and its scale model. On Thursday, Miss Yousaf from Bartholomew came to teach an English lesson to give us an idea of secondary school English, and on Friday our cooking was vegetable curry. The children are already showing huge progress in their skills at preparing vegetables and they are retaining what they are learning week by week. In Geography, we were thinking about the Grand Canyon and how it was formed. As part of this, we went outside to look at how water moves soil. We thought about the gradient of the slope, the size of the soil parts and the rate of water flow. But of course all that was eclipsed by the arrival of our Leavers’ Hoodies! I hope you all have a lovely long weekend.