Owl Class News 07.10.22

This week has seen children in Year 6 write some super stories which build tension, related to our class book of Rose Blanche. They have been thinking about cutting between two scenes and using short sentences and onomatopoeia for effect. In Science we have been investigating factors which affect the rate of evaporation and in History we have been looking at a range of paintings that depict aspects of the Battle of Britain. The highlight of the week has definitely been our trip to Bletchley Park where we learned all about the top secret war work that went on cracking the codes of German secret messages, including those from the infamous Enigma machine. The children were very confident with their de-coding, building on work we have been doing in class. We are looking forward to yet another trip on Monday morning when we head to Oxford Fire Station for the special Year 6 Junior Citizens programme. It is another early start – please be at school by 8:20 am. Have a lovely weekend!