Owl Class News 08.09.23

It has been absolutely lovely to welcome the new Year 5 and Year 6 children into Owl Class. They have had a fantastic week and have thrown themselves into everything with enthusiasm. We really enjoyed our session on skeletons, recapping what we know about the human skeleton and its purpose before comparing it with animal skeletons, all as a way in to opening our topic of the heart and the human circulatory system (the heart being protected by the ribcage!) Our topic of Ancient Greece got off to a great start with locating Greece on maps and atlases and comparing a modern map of the eastern Mediterranean with one drawn by Anaximander around 2,500 years ago. Meanwhile, we have picked up our pens (some for the first time since July) and set about writing –  comparison of poems, a reflection on how we feel about reading and a recount from the summer. I hope everyone has a well-earned rest over the weekend and is able to enjoy the fabulous weather.