Owl Class News 10.03.23

We have had a very busy week writing our persuasive speeches in Year 6. We have been trying to persuade the fellow citizens of our hypothetical village to stay and rebuild the village after the destructive eruption of our nearby volcano. The children have combined their geographical knowledge of the benefits of living near volcanoes with their awareness of the techniques of persuasive writing to produce some very effective speeches which they then delivered to each other. 10 of the class participated in the EPA Under-11s netball tournament on Monday, together with five Year 5s. We did brilliantly, coming 2nd and 5th and enjoying a nail-biting 0-0 draw between our two teams. On Thursday we had a great opportunity to visit Sutton Methodist Church to compare it to St Michael’s. Rev Charles Harris was an excellent guide and the children were able to spot many similarities and differences between the two churches. It was great to have a trip to somewhere in the village that the children had not been to before.