Owl Class News 12.01.24

It has been lovely to welcome back a full class of energetic, healthy children. I do hope you have all had a good rest. This short week has seen us plunge straight back into fractions, but we have enjoyed finding that multiplying fractions is much more straightforward than adding them! We have also had two super, sunny (if rather chilly) PE lessons, developing throwing and catching skills in Netball and Ultimate Frisbee. Our new Geography topic (On Our Doorstep: Oxford) has begun, looking maps of Oxfordshire and Oxford, looking at the city in particular and where its key rivers, roads and other transport routes are located, and how this relates to the location of buildings. We noticed that there are large areas near rivers with no buildings and realised that this was because they would be at risk of flooding. We created sketch maps of the city, making sure we included a north arrow and a key. Next week we will look at how the city has developed over time, exploring a number of maps from the past. In February we will have a trip to Oxford (letter to follow, later in the term).