Owl Class News 13.10.23

This week in Owl Class we have continued our learning across the board. We are working on a non-chronological report about the gorgon Medusa, part of which involves developing our skills at selecting information and recording it in bullet points. In maths, we have been completing multi-step problems involving addition and subtraction and have now moved on to multiplication. We are really enjoying our History, this week moving forward into the Archaic Age and the rise of the city-states of Athens and Sparta, learning all about their distinctive characteristics. Wednesday saw a lovely active PE lesson and we thoroughly enjoyed our water safety session at the pool on Thursday. A huge highlight of the week was the EPA Girls’ Football Tournament after school on Tuesday. The seven girls who took part visibly grew in confidence and teamwork through the four matches, of which we won two and lost two, coming third out of five teams. It was an extremely happy occasion and thanks to all the parents, siblings and grandparents who came to watch.