Owl Class News 18.11.2022

The children in Year 6 have worked extremely hard this week taking a series of assessments. They have approached them calmly and with determination and have been able to show how much they have learned since the last set of papers. Well done to the whole class. The children are now hard at work writing a prequel to our very popular class novel, ‘Once’. In History, we have been learning about the Casablanca Conference (January 1943) to which Winston Churchill flew from RAF Stanton Harcourt. It was at this conference that the Allies decided to insist on an unconditional surrender from the Axis powers rather than settling for a negotiated peace. This week, rather than racing our Beebots to the peacock, we designed maps of town streets on which our Beebots are to act as delivery vehicles to various shops and businesses. Now we just need to fine tune our programmes to make sure the Beebots delivery with accuracy rather than driving on pavements or across roundabouts!