Owl Class News 20.10.23

Children in Owl Class have had an extremely busy week, starting on Monday with the Year 6 trip to Junior Citizens then on Tuesday, we all came in dressed up for our Ancient Greek Day. We thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Greek alphabet (and trying to write our names in Greek letters, which is hard when not all the sounds are the same) before sampling some modern-day Greek food. The pitta bread had the most fans, while the taramasalata probably had the fewest! After break, we learned about the first naval battle recorded in history, the Battle of Salamis in 480 BCE, when the Greeks pulled off a surprising victory against the Persians despite being outnumbered two to one, by luring the Persians into a narrow strait which meant the nippier Greek triremes could out-manoeuvre the larger, heavier Persian ships. We had a lot of fun but were able on Wednesday morning to settle straight back to the challenges of long multiplication and writing our non-chronological reports about Medusa. The class is also doing very well with their poetry on Fridays and children have really enjoyed looking at Blackout poems this term. Overall, it has been a fantastic term and we really hope that everyone has a happy and restful break in half term. We look forward to seeing the class back on Tuesday 31st October.