Owl Class News 27.01.23

Year 6 have really shifted a gear this week and are working extremely hard. They have written an excellent set of instructions on how to turn yourself into a comet (should you want to) and are showing increasing skill at editing and improving their work. In maths, we have been calculating with fractions and can now use all four operations. Our Geography on Monday focused on Ordnance Survey map skills including direction, contour lines, symbols and grid references. It was great to see how much the children remembered from last year’s map work. On Tuesday afternoon we joined with Year 5 in the hall for Science, learning about what causes day and night (the rotation of the Earth on its axis) and what causes the seasons (the tilt of the Earth). In PSHE we have been thinking about people who live in challenging circumstances in countries all over the world and it was lovely to hear the class’s thoughtful and heartfelt reflections on the situations we considered.