Owl Class News 27.05.22

Year 6 children have been working extremely hard this week at their writing, producing some lovely narratives including a whole range of writing techniques and rich and varied vocabulary. It is amazing to look back at the work over the year and see the progress made. In maths, we have been experimenting with pursuit curves, creating a range of lovely patterns. Only straight lines are used, but they are drawn in such a way as to create curves. Drawing successful pursuit curves takes careful, precise work, which was challenging at the start, but by the end of the week, everyone had succeeded. We have enjoyed learning how to find compass bearings together with Year 5 this week and our play is beginning to take shape – it is great that some people have already started learning their lines and solos. The challenge to everyone is to be word perfect (speaking and singing) by the first day back after half term. Have a happy and restful week off.