Owl Class News 28.03.24

Owl Class has made it to the end of term is great style, with a range of fantastic projects and investigations at our Science Fair. There were all sorts of projects – research projects, creative models and demonstrations, and explosive chemicals – on display. Children had created posters, videos and slide presentations to acccompany their work and were able to talk about what they had done and why, and what they had found. There was even the occasional control experiment on view! All of this highlighted our growing confidence at working scientifically, which we have been developing year on year through our Science curriculum. This week has also seen the completion of our Big Science Experiments. Children have thought hard about making theirs a fair test and some groups had to process some very complicated data.

Overall, it has been a super term. Thank you for all the support you provide your children at home; it makes such a difference to their learning in school. We hope that you and your families have a happy and restful Easter.