Owl Class News 29.09.23

We have had a lovely week in Owl Class. On Monday, we went to The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford where we looked at a wide range of artefacts from Ancient Greece, including handling objects such as coins, pottery handles and even a strigil (ask your child if they can remember what it is!) The children behaved very well and thoroughly enjoyed what they saw and learned. We were asked which statue we would like to bring home to put outside school and it was a close-run thing between the defeated boxer and the headless statue of Nike, goddess of victory. The children behaved extremely well and it was a real pleasure to take them. On Tuesday, we shared our presentations on the circulatory system. We saw a fantastic range of ways of presenting scientific knowledge including a rap and the story of poor Little Red Riding Hood and her injured knee. In English we have been completing our stories which build tension as Perseus slays Medusa and in Maths we have been wrestling with rounding numbers. We had our school council speeches and this year, the field was extremely strong with lots of children preparing and delivering high quality speeches. Congratulations to our two successful candidates.