Squirrel Class News 02.01.24

Another great week in Squirrels class! We can’t believe it’s almost half term already!

We have been working so hard in all of our subjects, and I have also been impressed with all of the homework I have seen as well, well done everyone!

In English we have been researching all about the Big Five, and writing factual statements and exciting ‘did you know?’ questions to include in our non-chronological report, which we will be writing next week.

In maths we have been learning lots of exciting new vocabulary – we learnt that adding is commutative, and that addition and subtraction are inverse operations! Whew, tricky stuff!

In Geography we have been learning all about the seven continents and five oceans – some of you might have been hearing lots of singing of our new song that is helping us to learn them – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzqdDdxr9VI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6BE4VcYngQ (just in case you wanted to listen to them at home!)

We also learnt that the equator is what makes Africa very hot and why Stanton Harcourt is very not hot.

We have been doing some very exciting experimenting in science with Mrs Mckay and Ms Morris – we have planted two seeds and are going to observe which one will grow the tallest, will it be the one we keep inside, or the one we keep outside? We predicted what we thought and we will find out if we are right over the next coming weeks.

Just a reminder to please keep reading at home, I have been so impressed with all of the children’s reading and no doubt it’s thanks to your hard work at home. I look forward to seeing many of you next week at parents’ evening. Have a great weekend!