Squirrel Class News 03.02.23

Wow what an incredible and exciting week we have had in Squirrel Class. This week, we went on our school trip to Science Oxford and we loved it. We began our day with a live interactive show where we were able to participate in experiments and make predictions. One experiment meant that we looked at making a fair test and finding the bounciest ball. We were able to predict which ball would be the bounciest based on what we know and then the instructor tested the balls and we told her how to test. We played a game called ‘Odd One Out’, which is when we explored different animals and decided which one was the odd one out. We all came up with different reasons and we were able to share and listen to each others. We were also able to compare the different between a penguin and Chris (one of our parent helpers). We found this very funny!

Next we went to the Exploration Zone and we were able to test lots of different experiments which had been set up for us. We were able to freely experiment in as many different ways as we wanted to. We loved it!

After lunch, we went for a Woodland Walk and we were able to make a micro habitat for animals and we were able to take a discovery pot and to explore what animals we could find. We had an incredible day and we are so thankful to the parent volunteers who came with us.

Here are some photos for you to enjoy 🙂 Have a lovely weekend.