Squirrel Class News 10.6.22

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This week we have been learning more about the seaside. We started by drawing what we thought a seaside looked like. Then we realised Miss Nicol’s key words had all been muddled up! We sorted them so we knew which ones described the seaside and which ones were in the wrong box. Next we added labels to our pictures and made sure we had included all of the features of a seaside in our pictures.

After this we worked really hard to use our pictures to create a fantastic description of a seaside. We even applied what we had been learning in English and used a range of adjectives and fronted adverbials!







In English we received a mysterious postcard! It had a message to Noi from Grandma. We looked closely at the picture on the front and wrote descriptions to try and identify where the post card might have come from. We worked out that it had been a clue from our new book ‘Grandma’s bird’.







In science we have been learning about things that were living, never living or dead. We went into the playground and found items that we could sort into the different categories. At first we thought paper was never living, but after a discussion about where paper came from, we realised it was dead!