Squirrel Class News 17.03.23

Another wonderful and busy week has flown by in Squirrel Class.

This week, on Monday we had a wonderful assembly by a Volcanologist who had visited us. We asked her some interesting questions and we learnt all about her job. On Wednesday, we dressed in bright colours as we celebrated our neuro-diversity day and we enjoyed learning that everyone is different and that is what makes us special!

In DT, we have researched different pizza’s to gain ideas for our product design which will be to design and create our own pizza; choosing toppings, our type of dough and how our pizza will be shaped.

On Thursday, we conducted our experiments as part of the Big Science Event. In the last few weeks, we have decided on a question, prediction what is going to happen and we have created our methods. This week two out of the five groups tested their experiments. The groups had lots of fun. On Monday, the other three groups will get the change to test their experiments.

Today is St Patrick day. We have been celebrating by learning about St Patrick, learning to Irish dance and tasting traditional Irish food.

Have a lovely weekend everyone 🙂