Squirrel Class News 20.01.23

We have had such a busy week!

This week we had a visit from Dr Shake Ramsey who is the Imam at a local mosque. He came in to speak to Squirrels and Owls about the Islamic faith as this is something both classes are exploring in RE. He brought in special symbols and items that we all had a look at it. We learnt that Muslims pray 5 times a day and there are 5 pillars in the Islamic faith. We also learnt that when they pray in the mosque they pray on a special prayer mat made out of silk or cotton.

All of the children visited the Mosiac Man to help build our school mosiac. They really enjoyed working as a team to produce this wonderful piece of artwork for our lovely school community. In Art this week, we looked at the famous work from the Nerys Levy and produced our own collages.