Squirrel Class News 20.5.22

Wow, what a busy week! I am so proud of all of the children!

The year 2s have been working really hard and focusing all week on their SATs papers. We have had a big chat about how these are used to help us understand what they know and what we can help them learn next. They all tried their hardest and you should be very proud.

The year 1s have been working with Mrs Morton for some of the mornings and I have been amazed at the independent writing they have produced describing some seaside pictures.

This week in geography we have been creating our own map of the school field. We looked at pictures of things we could find in the field, talked about the shape we needed to draw and then placed the pictures on the map outline we drew.

The children then worked in pairs to draw their own map of the field in chalk on the playground and some even tried to add the playground too!

We then looked at a compass. We talked about how you can use the compasses to find North and when we might need this to help us.








Today we learnt about Louis Pasteur who proved that germs were spread through touch. We tested his theory. Miss Nicol covered her hands in glitter and shook hands with 3 or 4 children. They then shook hands with someone else. We were amazed to see how far and fast the glitter germs spread!