Squirrel Class News 21.4.23

What an amazing first week back we’ve had in Squirrel Class!

Despite lots of changes, the children have behaved brilliantly and all come back to school with energy, enthusiasm and focus.

Year 1 have been working with Miss Clarke in the mornings and have been reading their new text ‘The Storm Whale’ by Benji Davies. The children used inference skills to act out scenes from the book to show how a character was feeling.


Year 2 are now working with Mrs Tingley every morning and the children have also thoroughly enjoyed discovering all about their new text.

They all played a game of pass the parcel and with each layer unwrapped, came a clue about the book. The final layer revealed the book ‘The Darkest Dark’ by Chris Hadfield and the children were delighted that the book was about travelling to space.

Well done, Squirrel Class – you have had a great start to the new term.