Squirrels Class News 06.10.23

On Monday in Squirrels Class we had a visitor who left us an array of unusual clues – some cheese, some footprints and some poo… It was Boxton the rat from our class text, Vlad and the Great Fire of London! He left us an extract from his diary, written on the 2nd of September 1666. We were all very excited to learn all about diaries and how we could prepare ourselves to write a diary recount, just like Boxton’s.

In History we did something very exciting too. We did a practical re-enactment of firefighting methods in 1666, with my chosen ‘firefighter’ running to the ‘River Thames’ to fill up their leather bucket to extinguish our burning buildings!! I was so impressed with how respectful and safe they were during this exciting lesson.

In Maths we have been looking at ‘wholes’ and ‘parts’ – we cut up our ‘whole’ banana into parts to show that a whole can be made up of different parts. They really loved this – the cleaners.. not so much!

We have been exploring the durability of different materials in Science, and knowing that some materials can change shape when you touch them. We explored different materials to see how easy or difficult it could be to change their shape, and concluded that blue tac was the easiest.

I would also like to mention how impressed I was with their mouse skills in our computing lesson this week. The children created some fantastic pieces of artwork, on the computer! Also a special mention as some children created a fantastic ‘painting’ of the Great Fire of London – I was so proud of how creative an idea that was!

Hope you all have a great weekend, and see you on Monday.