Squirrels Class News 13.10.23

We have had a wonderful penultimate week of the half term!

We have been doing lots of lovely roleplay and retelling of our class text in English. We created finger puppets and retold the events of the day of the Great Fire of London – and performed them in front of the class! I was so impressed with their storytelling.

This week in Maths I have had my socks blown off with the how impressed I was with their partitioning of numbers into part-whole-models! We looked at splitting numbers up into not only two parts, but three parts as well.

In Science we looked at the shock absorbency of different materials and thought about which material would be the best landing for Humpty Dumpty. We predicted which material would be best, and then tested it out – by wrapping our very own Humpty in that material and dropping him from a height! We had lots of cracked eggs!

In RE we looked at ways that we can look after our world, and we created a list of rules to follow to treat everything with respect.

Looking forward to lots of fun in our final week and our Great Fire of London workshop!

Have a great weekend.