Squirrels Class News 15.12.23

Just to start by saying a massive thank you to everyone who came to see our Nativity performance on Tuesday! As you can all agree the children have done absolutely amazing, learning all their lines and putting on a fantastic show. Thank you for all of their wonderful costumes too, they truly looked the part.

What a fabulous penultimate week we have had.

Following on from all the business of the nativity, we had our Design and Technology day on Wednesday, where we built a new chair for baby chair! We tested different shapes and structures to see which would be the most stable for baby bear to sit on – we discovered that a cylinder can hold 25 books, as opposed to a triangular prism, which only held 2! We used this knowledge to create lots of cylinders, and taped them together to create a stable chair for baby bear to sit on.

On Thursday we had our Modern Foreign Language day, with a focus on the French language. With Mrs McKay, the children looked at the country of Benin and learnt lots of different facts, and learnt about the culture there. They also learnt some numbers in French!