Squirrels Class News 19.01.24

Another week done! Here’s what we have been up to this week:

In maths, we have been focusing on addition and subtraction. Through practical activities with multilink and collaborative learning, we have been writing and solving equations. I have been so impressed with their rapid grasping of these ideas.

In English, we have been exploring the story “Handa’s Surprise”, through practical roleplay and retelling of the story, we ordered the events in chronological order in order to be able to innovate and change the story. We have been using lots of exciting adjectives to describe the exotic fruit that Handa takes to Akeyo.

In art we created some absolutely fantastic 3D sculptures – I was blown away by how creative some of these pieces were!

We are still focusing on Shabbat in RE, and this week we learned all of the things that Jewish people do to celebrate it, and what they are not allowed to do – we were shocked to learn they wouldn’t be able to play on electronic devices during Shabbat!

In computing, we carried on our learning all about programming, with the use of our Beebots! In science, we explored the concept of seasons, observing and understanding the natural changes in our environment and how plants change depending on the weather.

We have had a lovely week and we are looking forward to our school trip on Monday to the Pitt Rivers museum – just to remind you all to bring a packed lunch (if you have not requested one), and a coat and water bottle.

Homework topic webs have been sent out, and homework will be collected and house points and certificates will be awarded based on participation and effort. I look forward to seeing what everyone produces!

Have a fab weekend.