Squirrels Class News 28.3.24

What an amazing week we have had to conclude this busy term!

We started off this week with a busy and exciting DT day! Our brief was: a well-balanced and tasty wrap with fresh ingredients. First we researched what it meant to be well-balanced, and using this we discovered our favourite combination of foods. We rated these combinations and used these to help design our wrap! Both Ms Morris and I were so impressed with how sensible and thoughtful they were when creating their own fantastic wrap!

On Tuesday we finished off our amazing stories of Lila and the Secret of Rain and I was blown away with how impressive their writing is! Everyone should be so proud of themselves. In the afternoon we had a lovely Easter craft with our student teacher, Mrs Boreham, and groups had the chance to do some gardening with Mrs Gascoigne too. Thank you very much for that!

We have finished up our science investigations and made some fantastic posters too. The science fair was absolutely amazing, thank you for all the hard work and effort you have put in for your at-home science projects, they were fantastic!!

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone, both at home and at school, for all their efforts throughout the term, and I hope you have a wonderful and restful Easter!