Squirrels Class News 29.09.23

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Another productive week in Squirrels Class! I am so proud of how hard we have all worked this week – writing fantastic sentences in preparation for their setting description, and wrapping their hands round very abstract concepts in maths!

We have been looking at the mathematical symbols < (less than), > (greater than), and =. They have really grasped this idea and I have been so impressed with their comparison of numbers!

We kicked the week off with art and spent lots of time experimenting with lots of different medias – oil pastels, chalks, and crayons. It was interesting to see their use of these and the designs that they created!

In science we have been investigating more properties of materials – this time, seeing what material would be the most suitable for Ms Morris to wear on her bike ride to work. We decided that tin foil was the most suitable as it was the shiniest material!

In RE we have been looking at how Christians thank and praise God for being the Creator, so we talked about things that we are thankful are – it was a really lovely discussion.

In Computing with Mrs McKay they have been discussing passwords! What makes a good one, and what makes a bad one. They had some really great ideas.

Finally in PE, we have been looking at different ways of moving, particularly jumping and landing with both feet (like kangaroos!), and more ball skills!

Have a fab weekend.